Playing around with vectors, identities, and Code with love and passion

Focused on developing projects that bring new value to a product, a service or an experience. Trying to deeply understand what surrounds me and trying to answer questions like: "why and how does it work? What's the meaning?"...

The more complex the question, the more difficult is the answer, which sometimes never arrives. What I am really looking for is the journey that comes by trying to solve these questions. Every project is a journey, with different things to discover, to learn, to experience...

Maybe I won't be able to solve the great misteries behind humanity and the Universe...but I can solve the problem you're having with your brand :)


Don't be shy &

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blackberries addicted :D

Completed my studies in February 2021 in Italy after a journey that led me to travel and study in several countries all around Europe (Spain, Poland, Serbia).

Currently I am based in Italy working as a Front-End developer, UI/UX Designer in a Web Agency and on my own I develop brand identities for small businesses and Start-Up who have a problem and are looking for a solution :)

I Enjoy trekking in mountains and going around small villages in the countryside of Marche, my home region (Wich are very common to find if you live in the center of Italy).

I also love reading books of every kind & playing videogames (I truly believe Nintendo Switch is one of the best Design Product ever made in the the contemporary history).

I am also addicted to learning new skills every month...Indeed I guess online courses are actually destroying my saving but I guess that's another story :D