Master Degree
UI/UX - Brand Identity - Start Up MVP
Start Up for Entertainment & Editorial

Rola is the project I made for the master's thesis in Graphic design for visual communication. The idea behind it was to tell stories through the Web and the functionalities granted by this medium. In my specific case, the focus was to exploit the animation-on-scroll that are usually used for commercial sites for purposes to obtain fun and interactive result.

Naming & Pay-off

In the dialect of my native region(the Marches), the word Rola indicates the place in front of the fireplace which, In the common imagination, has always generated interest and facilitated social interactions, especially the sharing and telling of stories of any kind.

When it comes to the Web, the most common action made by users is the scrolling. Indeed the main products of the project will be precisely the interactions that are activated following the scrolling (SCROLL). Rola is proposed as a platform to use to enjoy the moments of pause (RELAX) and let yourself be carried away by the stories proposed (EXPLORE).

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